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Aligned processes
UNE-EN ISO 17100


Aligned processes
ISO 9004:2018


Cloud Data Protection
(DLP) & Security



Performance indicators

In these times of fierce competition due to excess supply and reduced demand, work quality and productivity need to be increased as important attributes and indispensable tools for competing in the market. However, just producing more is insufficient now; it... Read More

Building our performance indicators

A piece of information that shows the result of activities carried out by an organization in the past is called a performance indicator. Why measure? By measuring our activities we can know and quantify their results and status. Then we... Read More


KAI means “change.” ZEN means “good.” The meaning of the word KAIZEN is “continuous improvement.” KAIZEN is a philosophy whose purpose is to achieve improved quality and productivity, as well as production cost reductions, through continuous improvement in production or... Read More

Supply chain, value links

What do we mean by supply chain? Imagine that you have a craving for peaches. You probably haven’t thought about how the “road” those peaches traveled from the farm to your table. Well, that “road” is a supply chain comprising... Read More