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INTERCONTACT is an organization that accompanies approximately a hundred companies year after year, as they participate in different tenders and bidding processes with the government.  

Said companies related to different industries entrust their documents to the service provider that has proven itself capable of responding to their urgent needs and has accompanied them efficiently throughout each bidding process, translating highly specialized and complex documents in record time.

The companies’ growth and permanence in the market are the best reference of the service provided.

Keep in mind that a collaborator’s efficiency and effectiveness is put to the test at critical times, which is why INTERCONTACT is your best option.

Why you should choose us:
  1. SGS approved supplier
  2. First specialized translation company in Peru to obtain “Marca Perú” (official Peruvian brand)
  3. Working toward ISO 9001:2015 certification
  4. Leaders in specialized translations since 1989
  5. “Quality chain” in line with ISO 17100 and ISO 9004:2015 standards
  6. Full-time specialized professional translators
  7. Expertise
  8. Services with a “Custom Fit Service” approach
  9. Full availability and commitment
  10. More suitable delivery periods to meet your requirements
  11. Confidentiality protected by Cloud Data Protection (DLP) & Security service
  12. Service 7 days a week, 365 days a year


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